How To Build Lean Muscle and drop body Fat in 4 weeks
DIY Nutrition Guide to help you learn how to calculate calories and macros forever. 
Most people struggle with 1 of these two things: 

1. They don't fully understand exactly how to eat in a way that promotes lean muscle mass whilst dropping body fat. 
2. They know how to do it, but aren't able to stay adherent long enough to see a result 

And we want to make a massive difference on the industry in 2019, so this is what we are giving away to help!
What's Inside
  •  10 Tips to dropping fat and building muscle, fast
  •  The pyramid of importance: Learn how to cut through the irrelevant information and make informed decisions
  •  Calories and Macros: Learn how to count your calories and macronutrients for long term muscle gain and fat loss. 
  •  BONUS: DIY Nutrition Plan to help map out your week for foods that fit your goals. 
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