INTRODUCING: An online Membership experience that will get you Looking, Feeling and Moving Better than ever before. 

Watch This Video if you want to Look, Feel and Move better
Early Bird discount: $69/mo for the first 30 members 
(NOn early bird = $99/mo)
Only valid before March 23rd
Early Bird Offer: $69/ Mo
Billed Monthly, 3 Month Commitment
  • 24/7 Access to Programming App + Member's Site
  • Downloadable Nutrition Guides and Gymnastics Extras In the Back Of The App
  • Communicate with your coach via in-app messenger service
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • You will not be charged until April 1st
  • Program will kick off April 1st. You will receive log in details and on boarding package immediately after sign up. 
What You Will Gain From This Membership?
 #1: How to Look Better
No fads, no tricks, just real science based training and nutrition to get you real results. Learn how to look the way you've always wanted.
We've done all the hard work with the nutrition and programming. You just have to do the... um, hard work?
#2: How to Move Better
Don’t become a bulky bodybuilder who can’t move or wipe their own ass. 
Become an athlete who looks the part, but who can also move like a gazelle.
We have combined the best of both worlds. 
Look good and move well. 
#3: How to Perform Better
Be surrounded by a (virtual) group of people who are all chasing excellence. We provide the content and the community. 
You just have to put in the work.
You will be rewarded with a body that thanks you and a community who appreciates your work ethic. 
Online Support
Become a member of the online community and have access to the coaches who can help you with any questions.
You'll get weekly accountability messages so you can stay on track.
Learn As You Go
With video tutorials for each movement you'll be learning and understanding the program as you go. You will also get access to our massive library of content including nutrition, mobility and gymnastics. 
Our team of Sports Scientists and strength coaches have over 15 years of combined knowledge in athletic development and programming for general population.
Track your progress
Get 24/7 access to our programming and performance tracking app to follow workouts and track your progress. See exactly where you're going right and where you can improve. 
See what our Current Members Have to Say
James 'Dub Dub' Williams
Mate, you don’t have the memories of being the guy on the left by himself in a gym in London trying to do a pull up.
Trying to walk up 3 flights of stairs to my flat without getting out of breath. The bloke who couldn’t see the whole length of his dick because of his gut.
The guy who promised himself one day he would rock a six pack and make himself proud..
I’m fucking living it!!!
Mitch Hasick
What I love most about the online program at BBB is how easy it is to follow each workout and track progress. It goes into specific detail on each movement as well as having video links to break down each step and help learn new movements explaining what you should be feeling and where, rather than just do what I see other people do at the gym and wonder if I am doing it right.

Zach Plummer
I love that if I’m unsure on how the exercise should be done there is always a link to the video you create explaining in detail the correct technique. I find it easy to follow, allows me to keep track on the little things. Can look back on what time/weight I did on that activity previously. Nutrition and mobility has been my biggest problem and I the tools to succeed right the on my phone in the palm of my hand. To be honest, I’ve never recovered better from sport or working out till now, but still a long way to go
Brad Sinclair
The program just works for me. I know that when I get to the gym, my program is set and I can just put my head down and go. 
It's right there for me in the app and it's so easy to use, not like those shitty template programs like everyone else is using. 
My strength has gone up, the new skills and movements keep me engaged and the videos are super easy to follow if I'm not sure how to do something properly. 
It's like having my own PT for a fraction of the price. 
Who are our programs for?
  •  Those who want to look better
  •  Those who want to move well
  •  People who want to be functional and have the body composition to match
  •  Those who are sick of following routines that don't work or have now reached a plateau with their results
  •  People who don't have access to a good personal trainer who can provide them with training, nutrition and quality instructions on how to achieve the body they want
  •  People with some previous training history: you have to know at least a little bit about training. 
  •  If you are fairly new to the gym, no stress. All of our movements are recorded to help you understand how to complete more effectively.
  •   We have also provided an on boarding program to help you catch up to speed. 
  •  Those with access to gym equipment (If you aren't willing to use weights, we can't really help you) There are 2 options below for you to choose from. 
  •  Those willing to follow nutrition guidance and provide feedback on results.
Who are our programs NOT for?
  • Those not willing to put in work
  • Those who are a little weak hearted
  •  People who enjoy being stiff and immobile with their current program
  •  Those who are already getting sweet results and just came here to look around
  •  People who don't have access to a gym. Unfortunately you'll need access to Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Pull Up bars as a minimum.
  •  Those not willing to follow nutrition guidance and provide feedback on results. We'll be working hard on our end and expect that you'll participate and put in the effort on your end. We have a name to uphold and want our athletes to get results. 
How does it work?

1. Head to the checkout

2. Give us your cash.  
(you'll be billed on the 1st of each month x 3 months minimum)
Early Birds will get access from 1st April. 
You'll get some awesome FREE access to the app and members site before then. 

3. Get your codes and info: 
Once you checkout, you'll get an access code to our programming app where you'll receive the workouts straight to your app. 

4. Check your inbox:
You'll receive a bunch of emails walking you through the whole process. 
Make sure you check junk. 

5. You're on our Team. Yay
You'll be an online member and follow our FUNC-BOD 1.0 Program for the next 12 weeks

6. Go again or Move On
If you decide you loved it, you'll continue onto our 2.0 Online Program and keep making gains. 
If not, we can part ways and no hard feelings. 

 Functional Bodybuilding 1.0
Follow our Functional Bodybuilding 1.0 Program. 

Designed for those with access to a regular "globo gym" style set up (or even better, have access to a functional fitness set-up)and looking to build more functional strength and size, with  the added bonus of increased mobility and gymnastics/ barbell technique.

This program will be mostly bodybuilding/ strength/ power-lfting movements with some gymnastics, weightlifting and metcons sprinkled in for good measure and as we see necessary. 

Designed for those who want to look good and move well, without being too fussed on competing in functional fitness (just yet)

  •  Barbell Movements
  •  Dumbbell + KB lifts
  •   Hypertrophy and muscle growth
  • Gymnastics (Basic)
  •  Metabolic Conditioning
  •  around 60-90 minutes of training
Our programs can be followed by the average person (assuming the average person can follow basic steps and very easy to follow youtube demonstrations). 

We suggest if you are new to functional fitness, to start with the 12 Week Functional Bodybuilding 1.0 program 
(this page you're on) 
before moving onto our 2.0 or the BBB WOD programming that our face to face members follow in class. 

Programs can be interchanged at any stage at no extra cost and will both have access to the extra documents in the back end of the member's section (valued at $197/ year) 

Get your own program delivered to your phone everyday via our programming app TeamBuildr.
Watch video explanations to see how to perform the movement more effectively and learn the intent for each workout. 
Speak with your coach whenever you need some advice on training or nutrition. 
Early Bird discount: $69/mo for the first 30 members 
(NOn early bird = $99/mo)
Early Bird Offer: $69/ Mo
Billed Monthly, 3 Month Commitment
  • 24/7 Access to easy to read and follow programming designed to get you functionally strong and fit
  • Downloadable Nutrition Guides and Gymnastics Extras
  • Communicate with your coach via in-app messenger service
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • You will not be charged until April 1
  • Program will kick off April 1st. You will receive log in details and on boarding package immediately after sign up. 
Your order is 100% Secured
This is pretty simple, no fine print. Nothing to hide. If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience during the first week of BodyByBrando, we will refund 100% of your investment. 
There are a lot of fitness programs online and we know that it’s risky to spend hard-earned money on coaching. 
That’s why we back up our program with this guarantee. 
Just email Emma at anytime within 7 days of your purchase and state that you’d like a refund. We will process your request, then ask you a few questions on why so that we can continue to improve our product. 
All of our athletes love the program and we would be honoured if you gave us a shot.
Meet The Coaches
Dan Malmberg
Debatably one of the most well rounded Strength and Conditioning athletes/ coaches going around.
With a Bachelor of Ex.Sp Science and 8 years in the industry, Dan knows how to get you structurally strong and jacked. 
Brando Hasick
Head coach and Director of BBB. 
Bach of Ex. Sp Science, excelling in biomechanics, Brando applies his high quality of movement standards and intentions for each workout, allowing you to not only look good, but move well. 
Learn how to get the most out of your training by following his gymnastics progressions. 
Tim Butler
The transformation specialist. Tim has a tonne of history working with both general population and athletes alike, helping them achieve their desired body composition in the shortest time possible. If Tim can't get you ripped. No one can. 
Emma Brown
A "one-of-a-kind" athlete and coach.
Known as the "people's champ". 
Em contributes with her mobility pieces which help our athletes move with purpose. 
Em has provided a break down of each movement to help understand correct positioning and technique. 

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